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What Is A Macro Influencer?

Understand what a macro influencer is and the benefits of working with them

Understand what a macro influencer is and the benefits of working with them

Influencer marketing is dominating the marketing industry! 86% of marketers used influencer marketing in 2017, and 2018 will no doubt be another record year. With more and more brands investing in influencer marketing, it’s important you know the “buzz words” of the industry and the different types of influencers you can engage for your influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencers can be defined and grouped into three tiers - micro influencers, macro influencers and power influencers. As the influencers followers grow over time, they move from one tier to the next. We recently defined a micro influencer in this article and shared four reasons why they are the key to influencer marketing success. So, here we will dive into macro influencers to help you understand what a macro influencer is, and what the benefit of working with one is.

At Scrunch, we define a macro influencers as someone who has an audience within the follower range of 50,000 to 300,000 followers on a particular social media channel. Their content is usually high-quality and is comprised of a focussed passion or topic. Macro influencers also have a dedicated audience that has grown organically over time, and are on the trajectory to becoming a power influencer.

Here are four key benefits of working with macro influencers:

Well known in the local community

Macro influencers are typically well known in the local community - you can think about macro influencers as a “mini celebrity.” Their followers and the local community might recognise them when they are out and about, but people outside of their city, state or country will not.

So, macro influencers are simply micro influencers who are more well known and more “famous” (for want of a better word). Keep in mind though, while macro influencers might be recognised on the street by their followers, they are not as “famous” as, and don’t have the celebrity status of, power influencers.

Extensive Reach

Like micro influencers, macro influencers reach an extensive audience, so they reach a lot more consumers with each post than micro influencers can. Also, their reach is often not impacted or limited by social media algorithms that curate users feeds, so macro influencers and their content tends to reach a good portion of their audience and receive a good engagement. As reach and engagement are two important metrics in evaluating influencer marketing campaigns, it is important to work with influencers can drive both reach and engagement.

This is where macro influencers shine.

Broader audience

Macro influencers are more likely to have a broader audience than a micro influencer, and their audience is not so niche. That means, their audience will be made up of people from different locations, who are interested in different topics. Macro influencers tend to diversify their interests and cover a number of related topics, for example a health and fitness macro influencer might health and fitness, and brand out into other related areas like cooking and recipes, exercise, wellbeing, mindfulness and organic beauty products.

Relatively cost effective

Finally, macro influencers are cost effective in terms of the reach and value you receive for the investment. Their content is usually high-quality and produced on professional equipment, and they have really honed their message and tone of voice.

In saying that, macro influencers do require more budget than micro influencers so always consider your marketing budget first to ensure you can allocate funds and resources to working with macro influencers. If you can, then great, and if you can’t micro influencers are still a really great option.                    

Macro influencers are undoubtedly valuable assets to your brand and can drive reach and engagement in high volumes, as well as sales, social media growth and brand awareness.

If you have any more questions about macro influencers or influencer marketing, just email If you want to start working with macro influencers you can sign up to our free plan here to start discovering influencers for your campaign.