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Scrunch campaign for GQ

Engaged a tribe of Insiders

GQ, in collaboration with Campari, engaged the community of GQ Insiders to create content for Negroni week and promote the message #NoNegroniWithoutCampari


5,525 Engagements


119,397 Social Reach


9 pieces of unique content


9 influencers

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Introduced a new product to the market

Bubs engaged an “Always On” strategy to introduce a new product category to the market. Posts about the Bubs Cereals received 51,645 engagements during the launch.


45,790 consumer engagments


2,210, 287 consumer reached


57 pieces of unique content


45 influencers

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“Scrunch has really taken our influencer marketing activity to the next level by adding a layer of data and insight that brings ROI front and centre. Using Scrunch has allowed us to fine-tune our social strategy and focus attention on our highest value ambassadors, while also freeing up time previously spent on the ‘admin’ of booking talent”


Ashton Rigg
Brand Marketing Manager at Youfoodz

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