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Regram Etiquette: What You Should and Shouldn't Do

Reposting an image is all fun and games, until someone does the wrong thing

Reposting an image is all fun and games, until someone does the wrong thing

Whether you’re a brand, influencer or Instagram user, you will certainly be familiar with the concept of regramming and reposting an Instagram image.


Brands especially do this when influencers and consumers create content about their brand, both initiated collaborations, sponsored posts and organic mentions. Generally speaking, there aren’t too many issues with regramming someone else's Instagram image as long as you follow our best practice guidelines and remember, you don't own the content, even if your brand is mentioned or featured.


Make sure you read these do’s and don’ts before you go regramming all over your feed.


  • Always credit the original user by tagging the content creator and saying the image is a regram. You could even us the #regram hashtag.
  • Ask the content creator for permission in the first instance. The response will vary depending on how and why you want to use it, so keep that in mind when requesting permission to repost an Instagram picture.
  • Respect the original content creators response to repost requests. If they say no, that means no.
  • Comply with the original content creators repost guidelines.
  • Flatter the original content creator and make sure they know you admire their work. Everyone loves a little bit flattery when they’re created something great.


  • Regram without tags or credit to the original content creator and copyright owner. There are many laws and regulations associated with republishing someone else’s work without crediting them, and in many cases, it is a violation of copyright law, so at the very least you need to attribute the original owner.
  • Allow users to assume the content is your own work or hide the fact that someone else created it.
  • Edit, filter or Photoshop the image before regramming.
  • Tag an image with “image source unknown” or “image sourced from Pinterest.” If you don’t know who the original copyright owner is, avoid republishing it.
  • Continually regram other people’s work. Instagram is a social network to share and distribute unique content, so if you’re active on the social platform you need to be creating your own content predominantly.
  • Use someone else’s Instagram photo on your blog, website or other social channel.
  • Use someone else’s Instagram photo to promote your own work.

A Tip For Brands:

If the Instagram user has tagged your brand via hashtag or an @mention, it is likely they are happy for you to re-share the image on your account, as long as you tag them back of course. Never assume, though, that someone is happy for their image to be reposted, so always seek measures to ask for permission first. Also, if you are encouraging consumers to use a branded or campaign hashtag, make sure they are aware that you’d love to repost your favourite pieces of user-generated content.


At the end of the day, focusing on creating your own unique content is much better than reposting and regramming from other accounts. If content creation is not your expertise, consider using copyright-free stock images that are legally available to use and republish, or work alongside a content creator who can develop great original content for your feed.


What's your rule for regramming an Instagram image? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! 


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