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New Engagement Column Makes Evaluating Influencers Easier

New product updates make your influencer marketing workflow easier than ever

New product updates make your influencer marketing workflow easier than ever

Late last week, despite breaking the software developers’ cardinal rule of not releasing new features on a Friday, we rolled out a bunch of new product updates. Most obvious and, arguably, the most important is the new Engagement column that you will now find displayed to the right of a profile’s Social Reach.


The Scrunch Product team constant listens to feedback and lately there has been a trend around users wanting to better understand the current social engagement of influencers. This is because engagement is a better indicator than reach when evaluating influencers for a campaign.


Bucking the trend to display an arbitrary overall percentage as a measure of engagement for a profile, we have decided to make use of a tagging system.

You will notice that we now display a separate tag for each social platform in the new Engagement column. This allows users to easily understand an influencer’s engagement on a specific platform that may be the target for a campaign, rather than a general aggregation of all social platforms.

Simply speaking, an influencer’s rating of Low, Good, High and Very High is a measurement of their social engagement rate compared to all other profiles within a particular social network. This is important because the percentage rate that is considered as “Good” on Twitter is vastly different to Instagram.


This makes it much easier for marketers to identify and evaluate high performing influencers for specific social networks for their campaigns.


If you are interested in getting a lower level, technical explanation of this feature, make sure you check out this article by our CTO Lex. We hope you find the new engagement column useful and as always if you have any feedback please contact us at