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How to "Chat Up" an Influencer

Jks, but really this is the future for Influencer Marketing

Jks, but really this is the future for Influencer Marketing

With the end of the year fast approaching, brands are looking to the future to identify upcoming trends in Influencer Marketing. Among several key trends, building closer more personal relationships with the influencers promoting your brand is a stand out. It has been proven that brands that have strong relationships with their influencers and those that have ambassadors who are in longer term agreements, perform better than those who do one off ad hoc engagements.


When you have a personal relationship with the Influencer and understand how they like to work and what their audience resonates with, your communications and campaigns can be much more tailored and targeted. Influencer’s who experience this level of understanding and appreciation by the brand tend to over-deliver, produce a higher quality of content and often post more than what is expected in the brief.



To help facilitate these connections, the team at Scrunch has been hard at work integrating a chat system into campaigns. Now, when you are running your campaign through the Scrunch platform, you can chat with an Influencer who has accepted an invitation to your campaign.


Chat will give you the ability to…

  • Discuss campaign briefs in an instant…
  • Get product size or address information for product gifting…
  • Build better relationships with Influencers for next level Influencer campaigns…


You can find chat in the campaigns interface on the Scrunch platform. When you have started a new campaign, shortlisted and invited your prefered influencers to Scrunch you will see a little purple ‘chat’ icon next to each influencer. After you have clicked ‘invite’ for each influencer you’ll notice that the icon is slightly greyed out. Once the Influencer has accepted the invite to the campaign the icon will appear purple and you can now chat with the Influencer.


Your Scrunch campaign manager will also be in the chat conversation, so if you need any clarification on how the campaign is progressing through the platform - we’ll be there to help!