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Inside Influence with Jasmine Hunt from Pretty Chuffed

Learn more about Jasmine from @prettychuffed and how she balances family life, fashion and blogging

Learn more about Jasmine from @prettychuffed and how she balances family life, fashion and blogging

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On this week’s Inside Influence, we interviewed stylish bargain-hunter mama, Jasmine Hunt from Pretty Chuffed. Jasmine started Pretty Chuffed to share her favourite affordable fashion finds, hoping to inspire other women to make the most out of their wardrobes. In 2013, she welcomed her first daughter into the world, adding a new (and exciting!) dimension to her brand. She now focuses on finding young, fun yet practical "mummy-clothes" for stylish women. 

Read more to learn about her life as a fashion blogger, her favourite brands to work with and get the inside scoop on where she finds her fashion inspiration.

Scrunch is a big fan of you and your content and we love working with you. So tell us, how do you do it all between work, social media and family life?

Aww thank you so much! Well the truth is I don’t do it all. I don’t think anyone can! But I do carve out time in every day to spend on everything. I usually spend an hour on social media in the morning while my girls are having breakfast, then after they go to sleep that’s my go-to time for admin. Photographs are taken during the day and my everyday style pics are now routine and they only take me usually 10 minutes in a day. When working on content for brands I usually get my girls involved, they love helping me.  

Do you enjoy collaborating with brands? What has been your experience when working with brands on sponsored content?

I love working with brands. I enjoy the thrill of knowing that I’ve helped a business - small or large - reach a new customer base. And I love it when my friends and followers let me know they’ve purchased something I’ve spoken about or shown them, and they love it. I like to stay true to my style and be honest about my experience with the product or service. If I wouldn’t buy it with my own money, and recommend it to friends and family, I don’t feature it.


Why or how did you start becoming an influencer? Have you always loved fashion and social media?

I started my blog in 2011 to indulge a love of shopping and fashion (in my day job I worked in marketing and communications in agriculture). Then in 2014 when I was at home on maternity leave I revived the blog and started my @prettychuffed Instagram. I started to share affordable outfits I loved and were suitable for my lifestyle as a Mum of a young baby. It resonated and I’ve continued along that track ever since. I’ve always loved fashion and social media as well. I was on all of the platforms before Facebook came out (MySpace, hi5, Bebo... I feel like a grandma writing those!) then Facebook, then Twitter really changed the game. Of course Instagram has taken social media to a whole new level.

Who takes all of your pics?

99% of the time it’s my trusty tripod and my Olympus camera on a self timer remote!

What  is your favourite type of content to create and why?

Fashion, food, kids and most recently video content! I love creating video content with my brother in law @throwtheredeemer who does all filming, editing and music production himself - it’s a joy to work with other creatives.


How  have you found being an Ambassador for Avarcas Australia? Did you love the brand before you collaborated? What does your role involve?

It’s been wonderful! I loved Avarcas Australia before we collaborated and they fit so well into my lifestyle. I found a lot of other Mums especially loved them too. My role involves wearing them, talking about their features, testing new styles and I am also asked my opinion on new colours and styles for the new season. It’s so wonderful to work with an Australian small business that is just killing it. I love it!

What advice would you give to other women and Mums who are considering starting up a brand, blog or social media account?

Be consistent, truly love what you do and be in it for the long haul! If you can, try to work out your niche or ‘ideal customer/follower’ before you start and make every decision based on what that ideal customer would like. Know that it may not happen overnight but if you truly enjoy it and enjoy the connections you make/have made - it will be worth it.

Have you met any like-minded influencers along the way? How do you interact with other influencers?

Yes, many!! Some of my closest friends are other bloggers and influencers and I’m truly lucky to have made so many great friends. I’m thankful to have met Nikki of Styling You a few years ago who has been a great inspiration for me over the years. And of course there’s #thefashionablefive - together with four of my friends @katy_potaty @ilovethatskirt @traineemama and @what_brooke_wore. We feature the same fashion piece all on the same day to showcase it on and within our different styles, body shapes and lifestyles. I actually met Katy through Twitter way back when - maybe 2009 or 2010 - then reconnected when we both joined Instagram after that.


And now for a fun one, where do you get your fashion inspiration from? Who inspires you? Do you have some favourite Instagram accounts?

Oh there are SO MANY! I love to follow the #everydaystyle tag started by Styling You - all of my fave style bloggers use the tag too so it’s an easy way to keep up with them! I love classic style with a bit of fun, but I also love those who try something a bit different. It might work, it might not but who cares - it’s fashion. It’s supposed to be functional, yes, but it’s also fun. Use it to express yourself. Try new trends, give something a go. If you love it, wear it.


You can follow Jasmine @prettychuffed on Instagram to keep up with her everyday style pics! 


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