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Inside Influence with Dolce Bunnie

Get the inside scoop on Brisbane Lifestyle influencer Jennie from Dolce Bunnie

Get the inside scoop on Brisbane Lifestyle influencer Jennie from Dolce Bunnie

Name: Jennie

Social Handles: @dolcebunnie, Dolce Bunnie YouTube, Dolce Bunnie Blog

Category: Food and Travel

This week I am catching up with Jennie, the social media influencer behind DolceBunnie – a food and travel blog. Read on to get to know more about Jennie’s and her social media magic!

For our readers who don’t know, can you tell us how you came up with “DolceBunnie?”

People often ask what “DolceBunnie” means and I came up with this name many years back because I have THE biggest sweet tooth, therefore “Dolce” and because I adore everything Dolce & Gabbana. My Chinese zodiac sign is the rabbit, so, I came up with the name DolceBunnie - a bunnie with a curious palate who’s out there in the world hopping and eating her way through life.  

You are undoubtedly a world traveller, visiting over fifteen different countries and sharing content about each place. What do you think makes a good travel blogger?


I certainly do love to travel, and I feel extremely blessed for being able to see so much of the world. Regarding what makes a good travel blogger, I think the key factor is the passion, the curiosity to see the world and the willingness to share those travel experiences with everyone. It’s also important, to be honest about the experience. I’m a very visual person, so I do feel like good photos really capture my attention and ignite my desire to see certain places.

How did you become a social media influencer?

I never started my blog thinking it would be where it is today. It was more of an outlet for me to share my experiences with people. I guess when you share real-life experiences of things you are passionate about people connect with them and share your passion.


Is “Dolcebunnie” your full-time gig? Or, do you have other things to balance in your life?

As much as I would love to have DolceBunnie as my full-time gig, it’s not. Almost four years ago I gave birth to my son, George, and I have changed my work title from a supervisor at a chartered accounting firm to a full-time mother so that I don’t miss out on any precious moments of my son’s childhood. He is my top priority. I consider DolceBunnie as my fun project at the moment. Life is very exciting right now.

So, of course, part of my job is to do a little bit of Instagram stalking and I found your YouTube channel. Your video on Palazzo Versace was stunning, but I noticed you haven’t uploaded in a while. Do you have any advice for influencers using YouTube? I feel this platform is a hard one to tackle.

I personally feel YouTube is a much harder platform to tackle because it’s definitely more time-consuming regarding creating quality content. As much as I would love to put up more content, I have been finding it difficult to find the time to edit the videos that I took on my holidays while juggling everything else. So, while I can’t offer any good advice, I think if you have a passion you should definitely pursue it.         


Back to Instagram - your content is spectacular. What is it about your content that you think your audience loves?

Thank you so much! It means so much to me when I hear that! I love taking photos, and I always put up plenty of photos with a wide range of content on my blog so that hopefully my audience can get a feel for my experiences through the photos.                   

How do you make the decisions about what brands to work with? Have you ever declined a partnership? If so, why?

I have been very fortunate. Since I started blogging, I have been able to collaborate with so many awesome brands. But, I have declined partnerships in the past. To me, the relevance of content is crucial when it comes to collaborations. I always ensure that the proposed partnership aligns with the core values of my blog. If I think a product wouldn’t be of interest to my audience, then I would most likely decline the collaboration opportunity because at the end of the day, honesty and integrity are extremely important values and that’s why my audience connects with me.

Do you have a favourite brand collaboration experience?

There are too many to name! I’ve worked with so many wonderful brands from both the food as well as the travel industries. Every brand is unique, and I have enjoyed working with everything from health food companies to travel specialists and different food outlets.

Have you set any goals for your blog/ content for the year?

To put up more content! I have travelled so much in these past few years, and with two more international trips lined up in the next few months, I really hope that I’ll find the time to share everything with my audience while juggling a toddler.


Would you say being a social media influencer has given you opportunities you would not have had otherwise? Is there any achievement you are most proud of?

Oh absolutely! I’ve worked with so many fantastic brands and met so many amazing and inspirational people along the way that I otherwise wouldn’t if it wasn’t for my blog. I must say that being the social media content creator for Palazzo Versace Gold Coast and creating their most liked photo was a big highlight. But I think the fact that PR companies and brands would pitch me for campaigns is an achievement on its own and I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities.               

Since you are a professional foodie, I have to brunch overrated?

Hahaha, never! More is always more when it comes to food. I’ll fit in breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and supper whenever possible!


Okay, it’s #SCRUNCHTIME!

Must have travel essential?

That’s easy, my phone. You can do so much with your phone.

If you could partner with any brand, big or small, who would it be?

OMG. There are so many I can think of. My dream campaign would be partnering with a hotel group. I would be able to experience the hotel group around the world.

Athens or Santorini?

I love both honestly. They are very different, but Santorini has a special place in my heart. It is out of this world. It is one of those places you can’t appreciate until you go. It’s the heat, the smell, the water, and the food of course.


Like Jennie says, when in doubt travel and eat. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve certainly got a more severe case of the travel bug now! Be sure to follow Jennie Instagram @dolcebunnie and show her some love!