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Influencer Marketing Case Study: How Youfoodz Amplified their Winter Menu Launch

Is it possible to launch a new menu with micro influencers?

Is it possible to launch a new menu with micro influencers?

Scrunch recently had the pleasure of working on a campaign with Youfoodz, the campaign was to increase awareness of and launch their new and delicious winter menu! The campaign was a great success with an amazing range of content created that encouraged mass engagement!

The Brief

Brand: Youfoodz


Goal: Support the launch of the new winter menu


Strategy: Leverage Instagram influencers with an interest in health, fitness, food to champion the Youfoodz brand and message to their audience, to create and share content about the new winter menu, highlighting the convenient, healthy and delicious menu options!


Key Platforms: Instagram

The Results

81 influencers

167 pieces of content on  Instagram 

162+ Instagram Stories throughout the campaign period

69,938 direct engagements on campaign content

507,909 impressions on campaign content

1,457,142 social reach across Instagram

Key Learnings

  • Investing in a micro-influencer strategy is cost-effective and can be implemented quickly without compromising on the reach or success of your campaign. Generally, micro-influencers have a highly-engaged community and are excited to work with brands who value them. So if your audiences align well you're set for success!
  • Pre-arranging content launch times is a clever and noticeable way to saturate the market with your message.
  • Instagram Stories were utilised well in this campaign, they contribute high quality, unfiltered "in-the-moment" and authentic content.
  • The consumer engagements of this campaign also indicate that the influencer campaign contributed to brand loyalty and positive sentiment in the digital space.

Here are some of the awesome influencer images from the Youfoodz Winter Menu Launch 


Maddi from The Healthy Karma


Brittany Ferdinands 



Jennifer Chong

Jess Vuong

Joanne Ly

Leah Williams from The Dearest Days 

The Daily Mark

The Chic & Damned 

KB Sugar Free