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Influencer Marketing Case Study: Driving Brand Awareness With Milton & King

Can an ongoing influencer marketing strategy really drive brand awareness?

Can an ongoing influencer marketing strategy really drive brand awareness?

We often get asked if influencer marketing actually works and our response is always a great big yes. Yes, you can use influencers to drive serious results and ROI. Yes, you can leverage influencers to achieve your business goals. And yes, influencer marketing can be your go-to digital strategy. 


To help you on your influencer marketing journey, we’re sharing insights from some of the influencer campaigns we’ve worked on recently, starting with our first campaign with Milton & King.


Milton & King is a boutique wallpaper brand with high-quality wallpapers and wall murals and designs for every style, colour scheme and budget. To increase brand awareness and establish a physical presence in the USA, the team at Milton & King engaged Scrunch to tackle the project with a targeted influencer marketing strategy. The results? Content about Milton & King received over 83,971 direct engagements (likes, comments and shares) and reached an audience of 980,071.

The Brief

Brand: Milton & King

Product: Wallpaper

Goal: Increase brand awareness in the USA

Strategy: Target home, interior and design influencers in North America by sending wallpaper to influencers to use in their home or in a project.

Key Platforms: Instagram and Blog Content

The Results

45 influencer collaborations

158 pieces of content on Instagram (and many more pieces across other platforms)

83,971 direct engagements

980,071 consumers reached (size of audience reached)

10,000+ new social media followers on key platforms

Key Learnings:

  • Influencer marketing works best when the product and experience with the brand is second to none. The Milton & King product is high-quality, unique in design and very easy to install, which made it a dream for influencers to work with. 
  • Fast shipping is critical to ensure influencers receive the product in a timely manner, especially when a project fast approaches or an opportunity to collaborate comes up at the last minute.
  • Due to the nature of wallpaper and how it has to be used to create content, it’s difficult to achieve a “quick-win” as timing might not be right (e.g. the project that the wallpaper can be used in is not starting for a couple of months), renters struggle to make semi-permanent changes to their home (and therefore may not be able to collaborate) and projects get benched, especially when they are DIY jobs.
  • The home, interior and design community of influencers create really great content. 
  • Influencer outreach establishes great connections and relationships for future opportunities. Even if nothing comes of the initial outreach, it is important to keep in touch and reconnect on future opportunities to work together. 

Here are just some of the funky spaces influencers created with Milton & King wallpaper….

A stunning bright feature wall in a colourful laundry by Haneen from Haneens Haven

Making over the ceiling of a master bedroom with Brooke from Nesting With Grace

A guest room where we’d love to stay by Nicole from Grace in Magnolias

A bright and light new dining room by Ashley from Bigger Than The Three Of Us

A gorgeous bedroom makeover with a statement accent wall by Rachael from This Is Our Bliss.

An accent wall in a fresh new dining room by Naomi from the Design Manifest

A revamped man cave with faux timber wallpaper by Julie from Julie’s Heart and Home and The Design Twins  

A swish bedroom makeover fit for a young boy by Lindye from Lindye Galloway

An old staircase given new life by Ashley from Ashley’s Decor Space

The most luxe bathroom makeover by Cecilia from Home With Keki


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