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5 Reasons Influencer Marketing is great for… big brands!

As a big brand, influencer marketing can help you to reach new heights in 2018!

Referred to as “the golden child” of marketing, Influencer Marketing is not just a trending marketing ploy. It’s a dominate practice helping brands expand their reach and awareness, while helping to boost sales! With the incorporation of a healthy partnership, aligned brand goals and a well-run campaign, Influencer Marketing has raised the bar of traditional marketing practices. This has made more brands aware of the significance this practice could have on their business’s success.

We have already shared why Influencer Marketing is good for smaller brands, but we can’t ignore the significance of Influencer Marketing on bigger brands too! Here are five reasons why you should include Influencer Marketing in your marketing plan if you’re a big brand owner.

Don’t get left behind

Influencer Marketing is a progressive form of marketing. It is a leader in digital and online marketing that helps brands (both small and big) connect with Influencers (both macro and micro) to promote their product. This type of marketing helps to ensure your brand is employing relevant techniques to reach your audience with a platform they use every day - social media. Thus, Influencer Marketing is the perfect tool to reach these users via these sites and connect them with your product.

As a part of obtaining and maintaining this connection to your audience, it’s important to keep up to date with the environmental changes of your audiences. This includes things that affect their social and technological worlds. Social media is ever changing and ever growing and users are highly adaptive of this. So in turn, your brand should be too!

Influencer Marketing isn’t necessarily a new development but it is still a fresh face to the world of marketing. But don’t let this derail your trust in the effectiveness of it! Just because it’s new, doesn't mean it’s scary. In order to keep your business from wilting away or fading out into the background, your prominent online presence is achievable through building a campaign with an Influencer who has pre-established relationships with your target audiences. With the help of Scrunch, building a killer campaign is easy!

Help to build trust with your audience

Imagine your product feature on a billboard that 400k people go out of the way to walk past. That’s advertising real estate GOLD, right? A social media influencer is that billboard. Audiences find these influencers and are inspired by the content they create. They trust in what influencers recommend.

Influencers have been invited into the lives of their fans, featuring daily on their smartphones in the privacy of their home and riding along with them in the car. Audiences value the content of an Influencer and in turn, trust their personal brand that is being represented through their online channels. As a brand, collaborating with an Influencer helps you to gain this same trust with your audiences. They are already familiar with Influencers and trust in what they represent. By implementing Influencer Marketing into your marketing mix, you are inviting your Influencer’s audience to trust in your brand, the same way they do in the Influencer.

Convert leads into sales

At the end of the day, what drives your decision making as a big brand is your sales growth. While people use Influencer Marketing for several different objectives, investing in Influencers can help to convert leads (potential customers) into sales. This is one of the number one reasons brands choose Influencers to collaborate with in promoting their products. They want to reach their target audience and SELL, SELL, SELL.

Consumers are attracted to the products that are being advertised through the content being shared from Influencers, and this is clearly reflected in a brands sales as a result. The ratio of how long and how much is dependant on the campaign and how long it is run, and also by the Influencer chosen (macro or micro).

Better ROI & SEO

ROI is a performance measure that helps to evaluate how effective your investment is. That is, evaluating if the profits outweigh the execution costs. While Influencer Marketing may seem harder to evaluate than traditional marketing mixes, more KPI’s are emerging to help brands evaluate the success of a campaign. As it is an increasingly popular form of data driven marketing, Influencer Marketing campaigns can generate up to 11 times more ROI than banner advertising - putting skeptics minds at ease!

It’s important to remember to align your campaign goals with what can actually be accurately measured and backed up with metrics. This can include evaluating your web traffic or social media reach. Working with this backend data, brands can identify an Influencers attributions based on how consumers respond to their content, and evaluate the performance of the Influencers campaign based on this data.

Influencers also help to improve your SEO. Although your online visibility isn’t directly linked to your Google ranking, Influencers blogs and social mentions that are directed towards your website are highly beneficial to your SEO.

Help to grow your social following

Influencer campaigns can lead to many perks for your business, aside from just the financial benefits. This could be an increase in your social following, better social content published on your behalf or an increase in sales or web traffic.

Not only do they drive traffic to your website, Influencers drive traffic to all of your social accounts. This may not result in an overnight takeover of Instagram’s most followed brand, but certainly over time your social networks will begin to boom. The more people your brand is exposed to, the more potential consumers you can target in the market!

Still unsure if influencer marketing is the right fit for your brand? Don’t stress, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Shoot us an email at or jump online to our blog to see more reason why your brand should work with an Influencer!