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A team of influencer marketing experts helping brands and agencies deliver their best influencer marketing yet. 

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We'll do the heavy lifting

We'll do the heavy lifting

Stay on track and on budget without the stress.

Your campaign manager will help with those time consuming jobs. From researchingbriefing, agreementscontent reviewlogistics and reporting. ✅


Get recognised

Show your team or customer visible success with powerful analytics

Receive detailed insights and reporting around awarenessengagement, leads and sales to help crush your internal or customer conversations. 🌟


This isn’t our first rodeo 🤠

This isn’t our first rodeo 🤠

Deliver a higher standard with less stress

The secret is in the detail. As we've been through this process thousands of times. We can help you avoid pesky slip ups, stay on brand, nail your influencer selection and deliver high qualityaudience relevant content.


How we helped YouFoodz

“Your Engagement Analysis in particular is super insightful & helpful to guide our strategy moving forward”

“Scrunch has really taken our influencer marketing activity to the next level by adding a layer of data and insight that brings ROI front and centre. Using Scrunch has allowed us to fine-tune our social strategy and focus attention on our highest value ambassadors, while also freeing up time previously spent on the ‘admin’ of booking talent”

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Working with Scrunch

All campaigns include full access to our Influencer Marketing platform as well as a dedicated team to support you from start to finish.

1. Discover

During the Discovery phase, Scrunch will work alongside your team to develop the best influencer strategy to hit your marketing targets.

  • icon-sheet
    Client workshop
  • Influencer Strategy
    Influencer strategy
  • Influencer briefs
    Creative strategy
  • Influencer research
    Influencer research
  • Scrunch management hub
    Scrunch management hub

2. Connect & Engage

During the Connect & Engage phase, our team will manage all of the formalities and logistics involved with your campaign.

  • Influencer outreach
    Influencer outreach
  • Negotiation of rates
    Negotiation of rates
  • Influencer briefs
    Influencer briefs
  • Product shipping
    Product shipping
  • Content QA
    Content QA

3. Launch

During the Launch phase, Scrunch will monitor and oversee crucial moments to ensure your campaign comes to life exactly as planned.

  • Content Live
    Content live
  • Ongoing influencer management
    Ongoing influencer management
  • Campaign optimisation
    Campaign optimisation

4. Post Campaign

During the Post Campaign phase, Scrunch will work alongside your team to review and analyse the results to scale your success.

  • Campaign performance
    Campaign performance
  • Influencer performance
    Influencer performance
  • Content overview
    Content overview
  • Conversions
  • Insights and recommendations
    Insights and recommendations

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