Are you over running Influencer Campaigns?

We're not gonna lie, running Influencer campaigns is pretty tough going. There are multiple stakeholders, multiple agreements, different timelines, not to mention personalities *cough* and a barrage of small invoices that drive your accounts team nuts.

That's cool, we got you! 

Scrunch have been running end-to-end Influencer Campaigns for the last 5 years, and we work with the best in the business, globally. 

Scrunch is trusted by NewsCorp, Under Armour, Amazon, Deliveroo, Publicis, MediaCom and more...

If you want the experts to do it all for you - you've come to the right place. 

The Scrunch team is an epic crew of data scientists, marketers, influencers, agency veterans and all round good humans.


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“Scrunch's Audience Analysis in particular is super insightful & helpful to guide our ongoing Influencer strategy”

“Scrunch has really taken our influencer marketing activity to the next level by adding a layer of data and insight that brings ROI front and centre. Using Scrunch has allowed us to fine-tune our social strategy and focus attention on our highest value ambassadors, while also freeing up time previously spent on the ‘admin’ of booking talent”

Danielle Lewis

CEO & Co-Founder
+61 408 199 896