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Transform your influencer discovery process into an efficient, manageable workflow. Filter by multiple social networks, search for hashtags, review content and identify profiles in just a couple of clicks.

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Leverage audience insights to reduce time spent reviewing influencer metrics to quickly validate your influencer selection.

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Share notes and influencer lists in a few clicks, and make team collaboration a cinch

Cut communication lag-time in half. Replace spreadsheets with uncomplicated profile notes and create and share influencer lists to your team or agency within minutes.

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“Your Engagement Analysis in particular is super insightful & helpful to guide our strategy moving forward”

“Scrunch has really taken our influencer marketing activity to the next level by adding a layer of data and insight that brings ROI front and centre. Using Scrunch has allowed us to fine-tune our social strategy and focus attention on our highest value ambassadors, while also freeing up time previously spent on the ‘admin’ of booking talent”

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