Gain the copywriting skills to pay the bills

Dreaming about getting paid to write, wowing clients, or winning more work with brands? Learn how to whip words into shape across any platform with Scrunch’s practical copywriting courses — a flexible online portal designed to help you boss up your personal brand.

The tutor for this course is Bernadette Schwerdt and is delivered by The Australian School of Copywriting. She has trained some of Australia’s most successful freelance copywriters and knows exactly what it takes to become a successful copywriter.

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Is copywriting the write fit for you?

 Whether you’re an influencer who wants to boost your brand or going through a career change and looking to sharpen your skills, our copywriting courses can help you unleash the writer within!

With practical strategies and templates, you’ll learn the different types of copywriting, how to brief clients, what words and phrases have proven impact, and SO much more!
* Pitch & win more freelance work
* Level-up your social captions & blogs
* Communicate to clients with confidence
* Boost your business with words that sell


Start a copywriting course with Scrunch

Our copywriting courses are designed and delivered by award-winning copy queen, Bernadette Schwerdt — keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and copywriter extraordinaire! We have three courses on offer you can tackle one-by-one, or go for the triple threat with our Deluxe Pack.

1. Learn How to Write

Kick-start your journey to writing killer copy with an intro (or refresher) course into what makes a great copywriter, the creative briefing process, and writing copy of all shapes and sizes for any platform.

  • influencer-university-icon-12
    7-step process to writing great copy
  • influencer-university-icon-13
    Fool-proof headline & research formulas
  • influencer-university-icon-2
    Templates & brief sheets that work every time
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2. Get Paid to Write

Make bank on the back of your wordsmithing with a practical guide to setting up a freelance business, from finding work to pitching to clients, and down-and-dirty business requirements, like ABNs and invoicing!

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    Strategies for building a database of clients
  • influencer-university-icon-8
    Tips on creativity & avoiding writer’s block
  • influencer-university-icon-7
    Learn how much to charge & how to invoice
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3. SEO Copywriting Course

Don’t know your long-tail from your short-tail keywords? There’s a course for that. With SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) copywriting, you’ll learn to create Google-friendly copy and light a fire under your blog or website.

  • influencer-university-icon-11
    How to do keyword research & planning
  • influencer-university-icon-6
    Snatch traffic from competitors’ websites
  • influencer-university-icon-10
    Blogging & content marketing strategy
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3 Course Deluxe Pack

Bundle up all three courses in our Deluxe Pack for max learnin’ and earnin’. 3x the courses for 3x the fun!

$1,297 (that's for all 3!)

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What you can expect to learn


Write words that sell

Learn how to write words that pack a punch. From headlines to captions and call-to-actions, knowing the perfect combo of words has the power to make people stop scrolling and start paying attention!


Build your personal brand

You walk the walk, but can you talk the talk? Selling yourself is hard, but knowing what to say and how to say it gives you the confidence to build and grow your personal brand through your website, media kits, or paid social content.


Win more work with clients

Pitch and win more brand work by improving the quality and credibility of your website, blogs, and social media content. Don’t underestimate the power of words that WOW to help you stand out from the crowd.


Learn more to earn more

Copywriting is the perfect skill to add to any creative toolkit, whether you’re already a content creator or looking to change things up. Invest in a new skill and open up a new revenue stream. Cha-ching!

Our practical courses are designed to help you score more paid work.

What’s there to think about!?

Let's do this

This online copywriting course is easy to follow and understand. Bernadette’s voice is engaging and her wisdom around copywriting to emphasise features and benefits is truly helpful. When you send her your work, her feedback is honest and straightforward. There's no fuss, no fibs. The best way to learn!

I loved writing and was already a couch critic of advertising, so copywriting fascinated me. The course was comprehensive, easy to follow and the coaching was amazing. When you start getting head hunted as you’ve become known as a ‘fun’ copywriter – well, that’s when you know you’ve made it!

Not only has this course taken my mindset to a whole new level, it’s been hugely beneficial moving forward in the early stages of my career. If you’re looking to gain a competitive edge, this is an absolute must. I can’t recommend it highly enough!                                    

I studied copywriting a way back when at university and needed a refresher to learn more about SEO. This course gave me that and more! Within a short time we covered so much. This course gave me the confidence to finally start my own business just as I dreamt about for years. It gave me the fundamentals and belief I needed.

Danielle Lewis

CEO & Co-Founder
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