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What Is A Power Influencer?

Here we define what a power influencer is, and the benefits of working with this type of influencer

Here we define what a power influencer is, and the benefits of working with this type of influencer

Power influencers are the celebs of the digital space and are famous because of the number of followers they have. They are the “Kardashians” of social media, and are experts in their industry or on a particular topic. Whether it is YouTube, Instagram or Twitter, the follower range of a power influencer is  300,000 to multi-millions. Most have a “celebrity” status and are considered famous in their own right, whether that is domestically, or internationally.


The follower range of a power influencer is quite broad and many people find themselves being a power influencer, whether by accident or on purpose. Power influencers are content creators, reality TV heroes (and tragics), media personalities, actors and actresses, sports stars, YouTubers, Vloggers and Bloggers - people who are recognised in the street and are well known by their followers, and the community as a whole. Influencers with this level of clout could take your brand from 0 to 100, however, they may cost you an arm and a leg.

Here are some of the benefits of working with power influencers in your influencer marketing strategy…

They build credibility and authority

While micro and macro influencers help build credibility and authority on a smaller, more personal scale, power influencers will do this on a colossal level! Power influencers are used for word-of-mouth marketing at scale and are used to reach a wide and varied audience, and to create hype and demand. When power influencers promote a product or service, that brand gets instant credibility and authority among consumers, and consumers trust that the brand is legitimate, safe and a good investment.

They create hype

The number one benefit of collaborating with a power influencer is hyper-increased brand awareness. With millions of likes, shares and comments on content published by power influencers, your brand will receive massive recognition. But keep in mind, with massive recognition comes at a massive price tag. Keep in mind, only a handful of brands can afford to partner with a power influencer, which is why micro and macro influencers are very popular in influencer marketing strategies. If you are following a general guide of $100 per 10k followers, you could be paying an influencer with one million followers upwards of $10,000 per post.

They drive brand awareness

The most important thing to remember when it comes to power influencers is that they are first and foremost, conversation starters, hype creators and drivers of brand awareness. While they are great to get your brand out there, they don’t always deliver an ROI if your goal is to drive sales or conversions. If your goal is simply awareness, which is measured by reach, impressions, engagements and sentiment, then great, power influencers are a pot of gold. But if you want to drive an ROI and directly convert your invest into sales and conversions, power influencers are not always the recipe for success. Consider power influencers to be a billboard ad - it’s a great branding exercise but not a conversion strategy.

It’s also important to keep in mind that as an influencer’s followers increase, their engagement rate often drops. This can be for a number of reasons, including social media algorithms and limitations on organic reach. So while a power influencer might have 4 million followers, you need to understand exactly how many people see and engage with their content. While you are looking at the data and metrics, always consider the influencer’s audience analysis before making an invest. You want to make sure that the influencer doesn’t have fake followers, and that a large portion of their followers are within your target market.

So, power influencers are certainly a key influencer marketing strategy to leverage if your budget allows it, just be wary of putting all of your eggs in one basket. It may not be an immediate return, but over time power influencers are an incredible way to get your brand in front of a mass audience who is interested in a core topic, niche or industry.

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