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What a Lightroom preset is, and why every Influencer needs one.

The Lightroom preset hit the Influencer scene in 2018 and they are absolute genius.

The Lightroom preset hit the Influencer scene in 2018 and they are absolute genius.


The Lightroom preset is a pre-defined mix of settings that give an image a particular look and feel. You can liken it to a ’filter’ on Instagram, but these will make your images look like you are a professional photographer. Influencer’s and photographers had previously spent hours tweaking colours, balance, tones and hues to ensure their social feeds had a particular style, now with the Lightroom preset anyone can get access to this next level look.


Transform your images from amateur to pro-fesh, with just a few clicks!

1. Save time

When you are just starting out as an Influencer there are so many things to learn. Social media algorithms, SEO, understanding what content your followers wants to see. Not everyone has time to dedicate to figuring out photography and editing as well. Mobile phone cameras are now so powerful, so getting a high quality shot without an SLR camera is possible. Adding your favourite preset to your images levels up your editing without needing years of training.

2. Up your feed game

Your social media feed needs to look professional and consistent to make it as an Influencer. Your followers are following you for a reason, you may be aspirational, relatable or somewhere in between - but they want to get what they expect. The easiest way to ensure they do, is to create a feed that has a strong style and theme and to post consistently. Additionally, the brands you work with want to know what types of images they can expect if they work with you in a commercial relationship, the first thing they will be doing is checking out your feed to see what you’ve done before.  



Killer feed by @jessalizzi on Instagram.

3. Get it done on the go

One of the best parts about being a professional influencer is living and working on your terms. However when you are getting started, you’ll probably be hustling alongside uni or a full time job. So if you get a snap while you are out and about, you need a solution to quickly and easily edit your images without having to find an internet cafe and pay for endless coffees. Lightroom presets are transferable to your mobile so you can edit and upload on the go.

To help you get started with Lightroom presets, we’ve designed a 6-pack that will instantly transform your feed. Plus, the Scrunch team is working with some of our favourite influencers to design and release preset packs so you can steal their style!

Have you purchase Lightroom Presets and wondering how to install them? Check out our handy desktop and mobile installation guide here.