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VIDEO: Using and Sharing Influencer Content

What guidelines should you follow when using and sharing influencer content?

What guidelines should you follow when using and sharing influencer content?

One influencer marketing best practice that few marketers and brands are aware of is when an influencer posts about your brand, either organically or as an engaged collaboration, you don’t own the content, nor can you use it commercially. This means that you can’t use, share, edit, alter and republish in marketing materials to sell a product - doing so is actually an infringement of copyright and can land you in hot water if the influencer takes the breech further.


If you are doing influencer marketing make sure you are doing it right and get prior approval from the influencer and/or covering associated costs if you intend on sharing their content.


You can read the full best practice guidelines for using, sharing and publishing influencer content, or watch the video below for the key takeaways.


Hi, Danielle here from Scrunch back with another influencer marketing insight and today we're talking content usage.

Did you know that even if you pay an influencer to produce an image and post it for you, you actually don't own it? So that means that you can't use it commercially.


So, you could take that image and share it out on your own social media as long as you credit the influencer, but you can't take the image, alter it in any way, or use it to advertise or sell your product.


If you do want to use it commercially, you do have to negotiate that with the influencer and it might end up costing you a little bit more. Usually we say negotiate that up front but influencers always want to work with you so don't hesitate if you change your mind to reach out to the influencer and just ask.


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