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How To Write An Impressive Influencer Brief (With A Handy Guide)

Use this influencer briefing guide with actionable top tips and create impressive influencer briefs every time.

Use this influencer briefing guide with actionable top tips and create impressive influencer briefs every time.

Writing an impressive influencer brief may sound like a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. It‘s worth investing the time to create a brief that gets influencers' attention, clearly defines your campaign objectives and explains your expectations to the influencer. Are you ready to nail your influencer briefs and set up your influencer marketing campaigns for success? Get our free influencer briefing guide, follow our actionable top tips and you’ll knock it out of the park, every time!

Why investing the time in creating an impressive influencer brief is important

We get it, you’re busy. It can be hard to find the time to get everything on your to-do list crossed off. You may be tempted to knock together your influencer brief as quickly as humanly possible, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Investing the time to create an impressive influencer brief is important for two main reasons.

  • Influencers and their skills are in high demand and they often receive an overwhelming number of requests to collaborate. Think of your influencer brief like a pitch and use it to sell your brand and/or product to the influencer to get them excited about the prospect of working with you.
  • Being tempted to rush your brief often means you haven’t spent the time defining your influencer marketing goals and shaping your strategy around them. If you’re committed to getting ROI from your influencer marketing efforts, writing an impressive influencer brief should be a key part of your process.

Think of your influencer brief like you think of a business plan

A great way to write an impressive influencer brief is to start thinking of your briefs like you do a business plan. Your brief should clearly indicate to the influencer the direction you want the campaign to take, and make reference to your goals, objectives and KPIs for the campaign just as a business plan would. Indicating what you envision as a success, helps the influencer to ensure their contributions, whether it be social content, a video or blog post, are in line with your vision and campaign message.

The three must-have elements of an impressive brief

A good brief gives the influencer information about the campaign, your brand message, clear deliverables and the do’s and don’ts, but an impressive brief goes a step further. Here’s the 3 must have elements to help amplify your brief:

1. Clear Direction

Ok, we know. We keep coming back to this point! Got it yet? Giving the influencer a clear direction upfront is the most important part of nailing your influencer brief.

2. Visuals and Colour

Remember we said to think of your brief like a pitch? Would you pitch your business services or products to another business in a stock standard word doc or email? Nope. The same rule applies for Influencer Briefs. Aim to delight the influencer and get them hooked. Make them want to work with you

3. Clear Calls To Action

Don’t go to the effort to create an impressive brief only to forget to give the influencer a clear call to action. Make sure the influencer knows how to take the next steps and be involved in your campaign.

What we’ve included in the influencer briefing guide

In this guide, we’ve included 9 key sections for you to work through, as well as actionable top tips to help you along the way. Use this guide to create impressive influencer briefs every time.

In the Guide

  • About The Campaign
  • Key Campaign and Brand Messages
  • KPIs and Goals
  • Deliverables
  • Content Approval
  • Content Ideas & Moodboards
  • Do’s and Dont’s
  • Breach lines

How you can save time in the briefing process

Still got that epic to-do list on your mind, and worried you’ll never get around to creating an impressive brief? Scrunch’s Influencer Marketing Platform is the streamlined way to manage your influencer marketing campaigns end-to-end. Easily find, research, brief, invite, receive and accept pitches from influencers in one central place.