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How To Nail Your Scrunch Campaign Brief

Learn how to complete your campaign brief in Scrunch to get the best response from influencers.

Learn how to complete your campaign brief in Scrunch to get the best response from influencers.

Disclaimer: This article is about completing your Campaign Brief when running your campaign through on Scrunch. If you're looking for information on how to manually brief an influencer for your campaign, this article might be helpful too. 


So, you're ready to start running your influencer marketing campaign on Scrunch. Woohoo! Here is what you need to know about completing your brief to ultimately get the best response from influencers.


Your brief is shared with each influencer you invite to your campaign, so make sure it represents your brand and encourages influencers to accept your invitation to be involved - it needs to excite them, and give them all of the information they need. When you create a campaign in Scrunch, you can customise your brief to suit different influencers. Read on to find out more.

Campaign Goals

When you create a new campaign, you can select from a range of Campaign goals. When you select a Campaign Goal, Scrunch pre-fills your brief with suggested tasks, campaign dates and do's and don'ts to give you a best practice guide on how to achieve your goal and help you complete your brief faster.

You can also select to create a blank campaign.

Campaign Overview

The Campaign Overview section lets influencers understand your brand, your campaign and what you expect of them if they choose to be involved in your campaign. This is the first part of the brief they will read, so make sure it nails what your brand is all about.


Key Information

This section should be a high-level overview of the campaign and should include information about your brand, product or service and the campaign you want to launch in collaboration with the influencer. For example, is it a campaign about a particular product or service, or the brand in general?  Is it a social media campaign, an event or something else?


Content and Style Ideas

It is a good idea to set some brief guidelines around the content theme and style you are after to ensure the content delivered by influencers aligns with your brand. Think about how you want the content to look and feel. Are you wanting the content to be family friendly, inspiring and creative, or fashion forward and classy. Or perhaps you're looking for dreamy and adventurous, or a particular style of photo, such as a close-up of the product, the product in use or a flat lay.


Influencer marketing connects brands with expert content creators who have a captive audience that loves what they produce, so it's important to make sure content is on brand without limiting the influencer and their creative freedom.


Moodboard images

Influencers are visual! We suggest including examples of the type of content you would like influencer's to create. This gives them a guide of the style you are after, so include visual reference points from anywhere - it could be your brand images, other influencer images or inspirational pictures from Pinterest. 


Need a little more guidance on this section of the brief? Here's an example overview section:



Are you including a product, service, ticket or voucher as part of your campaign? If so, you can select to include information about this in the products section.


You can select to loan or gift the product, service, ticket or voucher to the influencer. Please note, you cannot include a percentage off voucher, only a voucher for a total amount (e.g. $200 voucher not 20% off). It is best practice to include a complimentary product when working with influencers, as this helps them experience your brand and create more authentic content. We also recommend gifting the product as it reduces logistical issues later on, including shipping returns and the cost associated with re-packing products. If it is a high-value item, then it is okay to loan the product to influencers as part of the campaign - this is common for campaigns about laptops, or cars, for example. 


Do you have multiple products or services you would like to include as part of your campaign?  With Scrunch, you can choose to gift or loan different products to different influencers.

To do this, simply create all the products you are going to include as part of your campaign. Then select which product to send a particular influencer when you are inviting them to your campaign. You can find this in the Shortlist section of your campaign once you click on the "invite" button for a particular influencer. 


Here is an example of what the Product page should look like once completed. 



In the Tasks section, you can create sets of tasks you would like influencers to complete as part of your campaign. If you selected a campaign goal, Scrunch will pre-fill this section with suggested tasks and campaign dates sections to help you reach your goal.


If you want to change or edit these tasks, you can remove or edit them. To change the social platform, you will need to delete the task and add a new one. 


You can also create multiple sets of tasks, and choose which set of tasks to send to each influencer when you invite them to your campaign.  


Influencer Payments

In the tasks section, you can specify if you would like influencers to provide a quote for the tasks in the brief, or you can make a payment offer to the influencer/s.


Campaign Dates

You can use the campaign dates section to outline each of the important dates in your campaign. You can include a date, or a date and time. Examples of important campaign dates could include your campaign launch date, a deadline for the posts to go live, and the campaign end date.


Here is an example of a completed Tasks section: 


Dos and dont's

In your do's and don'ts section, be sure to include everything that will help the influencer create the best content for your brand and uphold the brand message.

To help you create your brief faster, Scrunch pre-fills your dos and don'ts section with industry best practice to help your campaign run smoother. You are welcome to keep these ones in there and add your own, or you can delete and edit the pre-filled do's and don'ts. 


Some examples of things you might want to include on the "do" list are positioning of the logo, keeping the piece of content live online for a pre-determined period of time and limiting work with a competitor for a specific term.


When it comes to "things to avoid" this could include things like a misspelling of names or locations, cultural insensitivity, how the product is captured or the inclusion of alcohol or drugs in the content.


Here is an example of the do's and don'ts section of the brief. 



What's next?

Once you've finished your brief, check to make sure you've completed all the required fields. You'll know you've completed all the required fields when each section of the brief has a green dot next to it.


Now you're ready to start shortlisting and inviting influencers to your campaign. To invite an influencer to your campaign, use the Discover section to search for influencers, and shortlist the ones you'd like to work with, or you can add a list from your Bookmarks directly to your Shortlist. When you're ready, just click "Invite" to invite the influencers to your campaign.


If you have any questions about Scrunch and setting up your campaign brief, just email