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MEDIA: Klick Konnect Conference

Hear our Co-Founder and CEO Danielle Lewis' key points from the second Klick Konnect Conference in Hawaii

Hear our Co-Founder and CEO Danielle Lewis' key points from the second Klick Konnect Conference in Hawaii

Scrunch Co-Founder and CEO Danielle Lewis recently jetted off to Honolulu to discuss influencer marketing and the business of influence at the second annual Klick Konnect Hawaii Conference. Alongside panel members Travis Watanabe, Red Bull Field Marketing Manager, Zak Noyle, Hawaii’s big wave surf photographer, Kamea Hadar, Co-Founder of POW! WOW!, and Margarita Peker, Head of Innovation and Insights at Klick Communications, the discussion focused on influencer marketing and the power of digital influence in today’s marketing environment.


If you didn’t make it to Hawaii for the Klick Konnect Conference (wouldn’t that have been a nice work trip!), here are 9 insights from the panel discussion that can help shape your influencer marketing strategy.  

  • Before developing your campaign, use data to identify your audience and customer demographics including age, gender and location to help you find the right influencers that will move the needle for your brand.


  • When selecting influencers for your campaign, ensure you request and collect the right data from them before you engage them for collaboration. This includes information about their readers, average daily and/or monthly impressions, organic reach and predicted cost-per-click.


  • Know the total reach of your influencer targets across all of their platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog).


  • Calculate the engagement rate on their platform by using to determine whether their audience is actually engaged with their content. As we know, engagement is becoming increasingly more important than number of followers or total reach. One way of calculating an average engagement rate is to find the average number of engagement across their 4 most recent posts, and then divide that by their total number of followers and times by 100 to get a percentage. The Scrunch platform can do all of this for you if you are a customer!


  • To further calculate the expected engagement you will receive from the influencer collaboration, determine the engagement rate for their content on a particular topic to see how their audience responds to it. For example, you may be working with a lifestyle influencer for your skincare brand, so calculate the engagements they get on their beauty content and find an average.


  • Brands should be cautious when collaborating with influencers who refuse to pass along statistics and data to support their numbers. After all, you would never pay a lump sum for a holiday without breaking down the costs and understand what value you will get from your investment, so why should your influencer investments be any different.


  • Look at the digital conversation happening about your brand before establishing an influencer marketing strategy and then compare the conversation with what is happening during and after the campaign to evaluate how the digital conversation has changed or shifted as a result of influencer marketing.


  • Establish methods to calculate your ROI and KPIs to ensure you are hitting your goals, whatever they may be. You need to be able to measure new leads, sales, subscribers, brand exposure, digital sentiment, social media growth, website traffic increases and other metrics that are important to your influencer marketing strategy and business.


  • Determine the goals of your influencer marketing strategy before you implement an activation. Travis Watanabe, Red Bull Field Marketing Manager, said it is important to determine what you want to get out of the campaign before you implement it, otherwise you won’t hit your targets. Whether you are working towards brand awareness, a PR stunt or to drive sales, your influencer marketing campaigns should reflect that.


  • Sponsored engagements must look natural, and consumers can sniff out a blatantly paid collaboration from a mile away. If influencer campaigns look and feel forced, the audience will not respond well to the activation. Similarly, if the influencer generally loves the brand and it aligns with their mission, the collaboration is authentic and engagement is natural.


Thanks to the team at Klick Communications for inviting us to Klick Konnect, and thanks to our fellow panel members for sharing their thoughts on the influencer marketing space… this is only the beginning!