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Inside Influence | Karlicca Culalic from Brisbane Threads

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Name: Karlicca Culalic from Brisbane Threads
Social Handles: @lculalij @brisbanethreads  Brisbane Threads
Favorite platforms: Instagram
Category: Food & lifestyle
Follower range: Micro

Location:  Morning After at the corner of Vulture and Cambridge street, West End. The time is 2:00pm on a Monday afternoon, I am sitting down with Karlicca Culalic, local food and lifestyle blogger from Brisbane Threads. I am drinking the green, hand-crafted elixir, and Karlicca is sipping on an iced latte, both perfect beverages for this impeccably hot day. Other than discovering Karlicca’s secrets to being a mega-babe, my objective is to learn all of the ins and outs of being a successful writer and influencer.

What is the inspiration or story behind Brisbane Thread’s content?

So, Brisbane Threads came to be because our creator Danielle went overseas and found that local people in their own cities weren’t impressed with what was in their ‘backyards’, and feeling the same way about Brisbane she came back and created a blog about all there was to do here in Brisbane. That was seven years ago now, and the rest is history.

When did you decide you wanted to blog?

I study public relations right now at University, and something that struck me whilst I was studying was how the profession has a very rapidly changing dynamic because the media landscape is changing. So, I think to be a savvy PR person now you really need to write in all types genres and understand different forms of advertising and how to use them. But, really I sought out the opportunity because I love breakfast food, and I thought Brisbane Threads was a really cool space to write in.

Content is personal, and it is what distinguishes you from the next influencer. From your perspective, what is it about your content that your audience finds so attractive and intriguing?

I think it is simple but our distinguishing factor is one of our main news values and that’s proximity. 70% of our readers live in Brisbane. So our content appeals to the Brisbane reader because it is one of the only online sources that is solely dedicated to lifting the lid on all the things that there are to do here. I think our content is not just a standard press release that is pumped out about a bar opening because all of the contributors are Brisbane locals. We are a collective who live here and reside here and that results in a unique hub of things to do, where to eat, where to shop and that comes from a very considered and genuine place. Also, I feel like Sydney and Melbourne always get the best rep so Brisbane Threads is like a platform where we can brag about this city and show people there really is SO much to do here too.

Do you feel as though these reasons are also what motivate brands to collaborate with Brisbane Threads?

100%. It has become a platform for businesses who are based in Brisbane to gain a mutually beneficial partnership which really shows the value of social media and how blogging can be used as a business tool and marketing strategy.

How do you integrate a brand’s products and/or services into your content?

Often, our advertorials can be worked into lists. Instead of just pumping out a press release about a new venue opening we will craft a list of things to do for the week. Say it’s a new bar opening in New Farm, we will put it into a list of “10 places to eat in New Farm.” We will also feature a lot of brands and bars and cafes on our Instagram and do giveaways. And, I think people eat with their eyes, so visuals really draw people in!

Is there any achievement you are most proud of?

Our local real estate articles with Brad Sissons, articles on women’s health and working with brands like Brisbane Airport Corporation, YouFoodz, Diana Ferrari, Roses Only, just to name a few.

Who has Brisbane Threads collaborated with?

We collaborate with Brisbane creatives who may not be a traditional influencer but are savvy with social media. We have a Spotlight On a series that features upcoming creatives and also entrepreneurs in Brisbane.

Could you give our readers any advice or insight on working with brands and the collaboration process?

Emmy actually gave me this advice, when she was my editor. She said to always be upfront about the expectations and timeline that you have. If you are behind schedule with something, let the campaign managers know ASAP. It is important to always create original content that is authentic to you and your feed. And, always remember to be nice!


I will now ask you some spit-fire questions that you will respond with a one word answer. I looked through you Instagram to get inspiration.

Mikonos or Barcelona?


Coffee or tea?

Coffee always.

Glam or casual? Or casual glam?

Casual glam!

Where is your go-to café for a Sunday afternoon?


Last one. If you could collab with one celebrity-influencer, who would it be?

Roxy Jacenko, she’s a controversial Australian PR mogul. I think she would give some killer entrepreneurial advice that would really speak to our readers.

Thank you to Karlicca for coming in today, and giving us real insight on blogging and being an influencer in our community. Everyone go check out Brisbane Threads.