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Influencer Marketing strategies for the New Year

The best marketing investment you will make in 2018

Are we really talking about New Year’s already? We sure are. And there’s nothing like smashing out your New Year’s strategies now, so that you hit the ground running when you get back to the office after the Christmas break. There are some common things that happen around this time of year. 90% of the population gets motivated to change their life in some way. Brand’s get rid of stock in post-Christmas sales and we are all a little bit sluggish coming back to work waiting for our office-BFF to get back from holidays. To help you keep up your momentum from 2017 and make progress from day one of the New Year, here are some of our favourite Influencer strategies that you can apply to any marketing plan.

The post-Christmas sale.

After Christmas, consumers are looking for a bargain. Brands in almost every vertical hold some kind of sale to sell-through old stock and capitalise on consumer spending. Influencers are a fantastic way to spread the word about your sale and drive brand awareness.

Team up with Influencers who speak to your audience and give them first access to the sale items to promote on their own social media.

The year-that-was.

2017 has been a big year! Everyone is looking forward to some time off over the Christmas break and being the end of the year, it’s a time for reflection. Influencers will often share their most popular posts or create new content with highlights from the year passed.

Collaborate with Influencers on their wrap-up articles to get your brand noticed. Content angles could include ‘my favourite brands of 2017’ or ‘the products that got me through 2017’.

The New Year’s Resolution.

You can’t get away from New Year’s Resolutions this time of year. We’re all setting good intentions for the year to come and committing to being a better version of ourselves in 2018. Motivation is at an all time high. In fact, the Top 5 most popular resolutions include to:

  1. Improve physical well-being
  2. Improve mental well-being
  3. Improve finances
  4. Improve career
  5. Improve education

If your brand or product aligns to any one of these categories, leverage Influencers to spread the word. Have your army of Influencers share their personal resolutions for the year and how your product is going to help them achieve their goal.

The get-ready-with-me.

If you are a fashion or beauty brand this one is for you. So much content gets produced around the perfect New Year’s look and gets extended into the night ahead at New Year’s events.

Pre-select Influencer’s who speak to your target audience and organise a selection of outfits (or skincare/makeup products) for the Influencer to document trying on while they prep for their New Year’s event. Influencer’s should be locked in as early as possible in December to make sure you get your favourites and aren’t competing with other brands for the limelight.

Check out Miss Remi Ashten’s collab with Neutrogena.

The New Year’s eve.

For many, New Year’s eve celebrations are THE event of the year. And following along their favourite Influencers on social media is a given. For most of us, the parties aren’t quite as glamorous, but we look to our fave online Influencers for inspiration for the year ahead.

If you haven’t been organised enough to get your Influencer content live a couple of weeks in advance of New Year’s, don’t despair there is still time! Here is an extension of the ‘get-ready-with-me’ post. Appearing in Influencer content the night-of is still highly valuable. These Influencer outfits set the tone for the year ahead and sales will still occur in the weeks that follow. If you are a fashion or beauty brand, make sure you’re products are appearing on an army of Influencers this NYE!

The my-content-team-is-still-on-holidays.

There’s nothing worse than your work BFF taking an extended break. OK there is. It’s when you’re content team is still away and you’re scrounging up old images to keep your social media active.

Content creation is one of our favourite Influencer strategies. Get your products in the hands of Influencers who speak to your audience and have them produce a bank of images for you. There will often be a per image fee for this type of work however, it’s always considerably less than a production team (model, photographer, venue, editor). Plus, you get the added benefit of their social media reach for a little New Year’s boost.

One of the reasons why I love Influencer Marketing is that there is almost always a strategy for every time of year, and business objective. New Year’s is absolutely no exception. Pick the tactics that will work best for your brand and get them locked in now so that you arrive back from your Christmas break with wins on the board.

If you need a little extra help, email me at to help plan your New Year’s Influencer strategy.