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How To Convince Your Boss You Need Scrunch

Because, everyone needs Scrunch!

Because, everyone needs Scrunch!

The Influencer marketing industry can be a crashing swell of likes, followers, profiles and possibilities. Need someone to tame the storm? Let me introduce you to our shiny data-driven influencer marketing platform that will take your influencer marketing issues and scrunch them down into smaller, bite-sized pieces.


...But we’re guessing you already know this, right? You know that Scrunch can take your influencer campaigns to the next level, so now it’s time to get your boss on board and get budget approval. So, pull us off the bench and make us your wingman and let’s kick some goals together.



Here are some reasons why you and your boss need a Scrunch subscription:


The Scrunch Directory is exhaustive

If you are palming off influencer marketing as a “last ditch effort” or “added extra” and looping it in with social media marketing or part of a PR strategy, then you (or perhaps your boss) doesn’t understand the true value of influencer marketing. So, how do you make sense of a new and emerging marketing channel? Let’s start at the beginning.



The Scrunch Directory has over 20 million influencers world-wide. The platform allows you to filter these results based on category, keywords, follower range, platforms and more. The Directory is exhaustive and has everything you need to find the right influencers for your brand and campaign. The best part is you only have to look in one place!



If you want more info on how to find influencers with Scrunch, this article can provide some more insight.


It’s efficient, need we say more?


Imagine how much time you could save if you didn’t have to sift through Instagram hashtags and trawl through pages and pages of search engine results to try and find influencers. You could be saving so much time by finding influencers and accessing all of the important metrics in one glance.



That’s a win win for everyone - you don’t have to do the tedious task of influencer discovery, and you’ll have more time to put into other aspects of the campaign, like briefing influencers, managing relationships and the reporting phase. Surely that will impress your boss!


Spreadsheets be gone!


Scrunch knows that influencer marketing is a value bomb just waiting to explode, so stop with the lousy attempts at influencer marketing and manage your campaign from end-to-end in the one place.



From setting up your influencer brief to shortlisting and reviewing quotes, you can manage every aspect of the campaign within your Scrunch account. With Scrunch, you don’t need to go back and forth via email and keep track of collaborations in a spreadsheet.



Streamlining the process is what we do best. Rather than managing all influencer payments separately, Scrunch sends you one invoice (which you can pass on to your boss or accounts department). We process all influencer payments, so you don’t have to worry about the “admin” side of influencer marketing!



Influencer marketing can be a messy process, especially when dealing with multiple influencers at the same time. Without an end-to-end management solution in place; missed DMs, incomplete briefs, outstanding payments and lost content, are all part of  an influencer campaign. It’s easy to miss important details when you are using three or more platforms to manage your campaign.


Take the guesswork out of influencer marketing


Sick of guessing whether an influencer is going to be "the right one"? Take the guesswork and the risk out of influencer marketing and ensure you are working with the right influencers, ones who have an authentic community of followers.



Fake followers and influencer fraud is rife in the current industry, so you need to use audience analysis insights to ensure that you are only work with influencers who reach your target market. When you know who the audience is, you don’t need to guess.


A data-driven approach is critical


When it comes to influencer marketing, the old saying “you shouldn't judge a book by its cover” couldn't be more true. If you’re selecting influencers based on your first impression, then you are doing it all wrong. Data is critical and you need a data source that you can rely on, and one that can tell you the point of truth.



Influencer selection is about; engagement rate, average engagements, audience analysis insights, content aesthetic, influencer alignment and so much more. You need to take control of your influencer campaigns, and in particular influencer selection. 


Last but not least, it’s just so easy


It is easy to give influencer marketing a half-hearted attempt, but it’s also pretty easy to take your campaign to the next level with Scrunch. Our platform transforms the process to require less effort but to show more results. Your boss will be +1 on that any day!



Plus, you can always lean on the Scrunch team for support, advice and recommendations. With us you’re never alone in the Wild Wild West of influencer marketing! The Scrunch platform is an extension of your team, and there are real humans here to support you along the way (we promise they are so good, they could be robots!).



Cracking the code to influencer marketing is not so simple if you’re doing it on your own. However, if you tap into a platform and team of experts (like Scrunch) then you are on the road to success. Now you just need approval from your boss, but I think we’ve taken care of that (just send through this link!). After all, if you and your boss are serious about influencer marketing, you need to get serious on how you do influencer marketing first and foremost.

Because, everyone needs Scrunch!