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The Best Quotes from Danielle's Myriad Presentation

On the Scrunch journey, startup life and influencer marketing

On the Scrunch journey, startup life and influencer marketing

Our incredible CEO and Co-Founder Danielle Lewis spoke at Myriad this year, sharing her start-up journey and the Scrunch story on stage in front of hundreds of start-up founders, investors, innovators and hustlers. There were so many inspiring quotes and snippets of wisdom that I wanted to share beyond the audience who was there on the day, so, I have put together my favorite quotes from Danielle. Check them out below…

On start-up life...

"Keep going, you just don’t know how close you are" 


"If I knew how hard it would be, I never would have done it" 

"Just keep going. Through pivots, through bank loans and credit cards, through the ups and downs" 

"Don’t be afraid of pivoting. That is how I got to where I am today" 

"At any moment I could have given up because I thought I didn’t have what it takes, that I was not technical enough. But then I realised that success is one hundred percent in your control and the people who hold on the longest are the most successful"

On being a #GirlBoss...

"Be nice to yourself because you, and your business, will be stuffed without you. And don't forget to squeeze in vegetables and yoga when you can"

"Educate yourself, everything you need to know is in someone else's head, or it is on the internet. Information is available to you so go out and get it" 

On building an awesome team...

"You can teach the skills but you can’t teach attitude. Make sure they are good humans and can work collaboratively with the team" 


"Owning 100% of nothing is nothing, so don’t be afraid to work with others and share the load" 

On influencer marketing...

"Influencer marketing is not a silver bullet. You need to treat it like any other marketing channel - test, optimise and understand the market and your customer"

"You have to get your own shop in order and brand experience working properly before spending a cent on influencer marketing" 

"The key if to understand who the audience is, and then find people who speak to that audience" 


I hope these snippets from Danielle's talk have inspired you, and given you an insight into the Scrunch journey and what it takes to be a startup founder. If you're keen to read more from Danielle, check out her insights on the 2018 influencer marketing trends you need to know