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10 Types of Blog Content You Should Know About

We’ve compiled a list of the the 10 most popular content types a blogger can use feature your product or service.

When approaching a blogger to feature your product or service, it helps to know what kind of content they produce so you can suggest a campaign that might work for their audience. We’ve compiled a list of the the 10 most popular content types to get you started.   

1. Outfit Post

Especially popular with fashion bloggers, an outfit post is a series of photos of the outfit a blogger is wearing that usually includes links to where you can purchase each item or a similar item.

Image via Harper & Harley


2. Product Review

A product review is exactly that, a review in the blogger’s opinion on their experience using a particular product or service.

Image via Bubbly Michelle


3. Social Post

A short post that is published to the bloggers social media account. This may be an image posted to Instagram, a thought posted to Twitter or a link posted to Facebook.

Image via Sydney Fashion Blogger's Instagram


4. Interview

An interview is a question and answer post between the blogger and another person. It might be the designer of a particular brand they care about, another blogger in their niche or anyone else their audience resonates with.

Interview of Arthur George, Designer of Provocator by Gabby Waller of The Luxuriante


5. Competition or Giveaway

A competition post asks the bloggers audience to do something in return for the chance to win a particular product or service. It might be as simple as ‘liking’ a post, sharing a photo or opting in to an email form.

Image via Sincerely Jules


6. Wardrobe or Apartment Tour

A ‘tour’ post is a video post where the blogger gives their audience a peek into their life by filming their surrounds.

Image via Vivianna Does Makeup


7. Event

An event post can include alerting their followers to an upcoming event, live-posting from an event they attend or a review post-event.

In store event Calyspo St. Barth, photography by The Style Scribe


8. Link Post

A link post is a collection of links from other websites or blogs that the blogger thinks their audience might also be interested in reading. These are usually a regular weekly or monthly post.

Image via Gala Darling


9. List Post

A list post centres around one particular topic and includes a blogger top tips, places or favourite things - for example: Top 10 places for brunch on Sunday or 5 Favourite Summer Heels.

Image via Cosmopolitan


10. How-To (Educational Post)

A ‘how-to’ post is an instructional post that explains to their audience how to accomplish something. For example: How to create a smokey-eye or How to make pizza dough.

Image via Refinery 29

Cover image via Harper & Harley