At Scrunch, we’re obsessed with understanding influence

Our why

You don’t need a million followers to be influential, but you do need to understand what makes your customers tick



At Scrunch, we’re obsessed with understanding influence.

Over the last 9 years we have built an index of over 400 million consumers and trillions of datapoints to understand influence on the social web.

This experience has led to the launch of multiple products including a software platform connecting 20 million influencers to brands and agencies globally, a people intelligence engine that draws insights from first-party customer data and digital resources for Influencers themselves to grow their business of influence.

We are a team of passionate data scientists, marketers, content creators and damn good human beings.

We believe that everyone has the responsibility to influence the people in their life to be the best they can be.

And we look forward to scrunching with you.

The team

Danielle Lewis
CEO & Co-founder
Salvatore Garozzo
CINO & Co-founder
Ash Barrow
Sales & Partnerships Manager
Kelsey Martin
Account Manager
Joanne Tanton
Account Mananger
Kennedy Murray
Account Mananger
Jon Waterhouse
Senior Software Engineer
Andrew Wilson
Senior Software Engineer

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